How to teach a man to please a woman with just his fingers

Sleight of hand, and no cheating.

Fingering is a type of sexual interaction based on the caress of the female genital organs with the fingers. It can be a great foreplay, practiced as a solo practice, or an equivalent replacement for traditional intercourse.

Although for most Russians fingering is still considered a surrogate form of sex life, in reality, it can uncover fine lines of pleasure and take sex to a significantly new level.

A bit of anatomy

There are two types of this practice. Genital fingering, which does not involve penetration, focuses on the vulva – the labia, clitoris, vestibule and sensitive areas of the groin (lower abdomen, pubis, inner thigh).

Vaginal finger, on the other hand, involves the most sensitive areas of the vagina – its first third and the anterior wall – the G zone. Fingering also allows the most effective stimulation of the urethral outlet area and the part of the vagina on which the Skene’s glands are located. thanks to which we know what squirting is.

Main Fingering Techniques

It is best to start caressing with your fingers with gentle, soft touches. You should not rush to penetrate from the very first seconds – with insufficient arousal, this can be unpleasant or even painful.

It is worth paying special attention to the clitoris. You can stimulate him through the hood, involve in caressing areas on both sides of the clitoris, use circular motions or movements from side to side.

You can also caress female genitals intuitively, relying on your feelings and reactions of your partner, or you can simply use basic techniques.

Come to me movements

One of the most popular and effective techniques. Place your finger / fingers in the vagina with the pads facing towards the abdomen. Next, you need to bend your fingers a little, as if imitating a gesture with which you call someone to you.

The fingers will stroke the anterior vaginal wall with stroking movements.

Movements “back and forth”

Movements of straight fingers in the direction of the vagina and back, imitating the movement of the penis. It is good because it creates friction and bursting sensations at the entrance to the vagina – this is what many women like.

How can you experiment? Change the angle of penetration, speed and depth to which the fingers plunge inward.

Fingers as a tool

If the partner is unsure of her knowledge of fingering, the woman can take full control.

For this, the man needs to place his fingers inside the vagina and give the woman the opportunity to move her hips, independently setting the pace , adjusting the angle, depth and intensity of stimulation.

Simultaneous genital and vaginal fingerings

A man can stimulate the vagina with one hand and the head of the clitoris with the other, or do everything with one hand.

To do this, it is most convenient to place the index and / or middle finger in the vagina, and to stimulate the clitoris with the big one, or vice versa. A woman can also take care of the clitoris if this type of stimulation is more familiar and pleasant for her.

How to teach your partner to finger

  • Show on yourself . An option for the most liberated women. It is enough to demonstrate once to a man what manipulations are enjoyable, and the man will definitely want to repeat it on his own.
  • Guide his hands . In this way, you can regulate both the speed of movements and their strength, and even the location of the fingers on the vulva and in the vagina.
  • Speak. As always, in words. Do not be shy and tell a man what kind of affection he likes and what she does not like. Direct also with the words: “faster”, “stronger”, “slower”, “higher”, “this is so good”, “but this is not very good.”

3 golden rules for pleasure and safety

1. Clean hands and neat manicure. Fingering is one of the safest forms of sexual interaction: partners do not contact mucous membranes and do not exchange body fluids.

Nevertheless, it is worth observing the rules of hygiene. If the pandemic hasn’t taught you to wash your hands thoroughly every couple of hours , let the desire to have fun do it for it.

In extreme cases, you can use an antiseptic or antibacterial wet wipes, the main thing is that the product does not get on the delicate mucous membrane of the vagina.

When it comes to manicure, short-cut nails and no burrs are the first step towards success during finger penetration.

2. Lubricant. Using extra lubricant while fingering can enhance the sensation during sex. Gliding will make petting more enjoyable, even with intense interaction.

Do not use saliva or any other means, such as baby cream, petroleum jelly, or oil, as a lubricant. And if you want to switch to traditional sex after fingering and use condoms, choose a water-based product.

3. Shake but do not mix. Fingering is not only vaginal caresses. Penetration of the vagina and fondling of the anus should be independent practices.

Want to combine the two formats? You will have to take care of washing your hands before each penetration into your partner’s vagina after stimulating the anus. Alternatively: during anal sex, you can use latex gloves or a condom by putting it on your fingers.