10 erotic fantasies you shouldn’t be ashamed of at all

Having sex dreams that you think are strange is not only normal, but also beneficial. Thus, you seem to try something new, but in your imagination, without risking anything in reality.


The fantasy of having sex with another person with a constant partner is one of the most frequent and most controversial. Infidelity in dreams is both embarrassing and exciting at the same time. It turns out that it is precisely in the pure desire to lose control, to do something forbidden that the secret of the attractiveness of this fantasy lies.


Pegging is a sexual practice during which a woman acts as a man, having anal sex with him using special devices. Psychologists say there is nothing unhealthy about pegging fantasies. For the brain, this is just an opportunity to explore a new area.

The presence of such a fantasy does not mean that in reality you really want to dominate your partner to such an extent.

Change of gender role

If in your dreams you become a man, behave accordingly and choose another woman as a partner, again nothing unconventional happens to you and your orientation.

The benefit of this fantasy lies in the ability to become a different person for a short time. It’s not just a desire to experience another form of sex. It is curiosity and a desire to understand what it is like to be different.

Group sex

Having this fantasy does not signal promiscuity. Most often, it remains unfulfilled. Through such a mental game, the desire to get away from control breaks through, the desire to overstep the boundaries of what is permitted, to break social taboos.

Sex with a woman

Another option for dreaming away from social norms. If you dream of having sex with a friend, this does not mean bisexuality. Rather, it is a latent desire to go against society. A slight tremor from the realization that you are doing something forbidden is not weakly exciting.

Sex with someone much older or younger

Age difference is another taboo topic in many cultures. Such are the attitudes there: an adult woman should not date a younger man. But in your dreams, you can afford to do anything.

Sex massage

A procedure that ends with sex is a frequent topic in adult cinema and literature.

This does not mean that you go to a back massage hoping for something more. The fact is that stress blocks libido, and massage helps to get rid of stress. Arranging for yourself a massage session in your dreams with all the consequences, you simply kill two birds with one stone – you relax and enjoy.

Romantic sex

Love under the stars on a blanket of rose petals – this fantasy may indicate that in real life you lack emotional closeness with your partner.

Fortunately, this particular dream is the easiest to realize. Try to talk to your loved one, tell us what you are missing and what would make you a little happier.


Exposing oneself to the show and getting great pleasure from it – such a fantasy excites many. This is just another opportunity to tickle your nerves and mentally step over another taboo.


It’s not for nothing that pornography makes extensive use of voyeuristic moments – involvement in someone else’s sex is exciting. Fantasies about how you caught someone in a dressing room of a store or a cinema hall, very close to you, help you mentally experience something new.

Novelty, even such a fantasy, in turn, helps to fight everyday boredom and routine.