What is a male director in love and relationships

Does a man’s profession affect how he manifests himself in sex and relationships? Our columnist Milana Uvarova is sure: it does, and how!

A person with certain personal qualities, mindset and temperament chooses for himself the profession that helps him to express himself as much as possible. And relationships, in fact, are the same self-expression, and the most sincere of all possible. By the way a person is in love and sex, you can tell a lot about himself.

The male director is a very good organizer. He always knows where to take the lady of the heart, how to spend time, in which restaurant and what time to book a table, which movie session to choose. You will not have to painfully invent ideas for joint leisure.

He appreciates time, so he knows where and when traffic jams occur, when it is better to take the subway, and when – by car. If he said that he would pick you up at 15:00, he will call in exactly at this time and will wait for your full readiness. But you will get to the restaurant / park / friends’ apartment in exactly the time that he promised.

The director doesn’t exactly like to command. He just knows how to organize people and be responsible for the result. If he has planned some kind of project (dating is also a kind of project), then he expects the woman to comply with all agreements.

Yes, he is good at strategic planning, but sometimes he is inflexible in case of force majeure. If only his specialization is crisis management. The average director can give up in the face of an unforeseen situation, so she is not carried away by flighty women who tend to change their minds according to their mood.

The male director is a man of words and deeds. As he said, so be it. In this sense, we still have to look for a more reliable partner.

He also lives in constant stress and is often tired. More precisely, he lives and works as if in two modes – “on” and “off”. Most often, personal relationships have a second mode. Yes, at the stage of courtship, he will show his best side, because the skills of self-presentation are honed to the smallest detail, but in a relationship he often expects warmth, support, stability and calmness from a woman.

A tough manager at work, at home, he can turn out to be the cutest cat: affectionate, obedient, willing to compromise. This is because the male director gets tired of responsibility at work and at home prefers to relax, entrusting all decisions to his partner.

In sex, male directors can be very different. Purposeful achievers who expect their partner to orgasm on schedule. Or gentle lovers who enjoy slow, sensual sex as a way to relax and take their minds off their worries.

As for family finances, the male director would prefer to control them independently. He likes to understand in what state the ship of love is, whether it needs to be repaired and how long it can still hold out on the water.

Women are suitable for male directors, strong, economic, providing a reliable rear. Or tenacious, purposeful businesswoman who will perfectly understand all the hardships of a leader’s life and even support with useful advice.